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First Pacific Financial Group (FPFG) can help you acquire or sell commercial real estate     assets. Our approach is similar to that of a private banker. Properties are confidentially    presented to institutional and private clients, including local, national, and international        buyers. A list of buyers is presented to you prior to any marketing effort, and properties                are not publicly advertised. A buyer will appreciate our sales approach since our properties        are offered on a confidential basis and are not marketed by other companies. FPFG targets    those properties in the $5 million to $200 million range, as it is the most suitable price range      for our clients.


Some of the Benefits to FPFG's investment Sales approach include:

 •  Knowledge of whom your property is being presented to before it is presented

•  Confidential and discrete marketing

•  Unlisted properties

•  Extensive database of both institutional and private buyers

•  Professional staff with over 30 years experience


Call us today at 415-937-5158 to confidentially discuss your requirements to acquire or sell a commercial real estate asset.



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